– You guys have some pretty awesome games! When can I buy (insert game title here)?

First off, thank you for the compliment!
We will post all release date information to our website as it becomes available.

– I heard you have a Kickstarter campaign and wanted to make a pledge. Where can I find your campaign?

We don’t have a campaign up at the moment. We will be sure to update our website as this changes, along with direct links to the Kickstarter campaign.

– I have a great idea for a game! I’d like to talk with your developers about it.

For legal reasons, we cannot accept any external submissions, so please don’t send them to us (We would have to throw them away without even looking at them. We’d hate to throw away a great idea, so please hold onto them!).
However, if you are interested in joining the company, we are always on the lookout for talented people with great ideas. I would encourage you to email a copy of your resume’ along with a link to your digital portfolio to contact.us@gravitientertainment.com.
We are not accepting physical portfolios at this time! Sorry.

– Any chance I could do some play testing for some of your games?

We are not actively seeking outside play testers at this time. We will make announcements to the website, should that change.