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YoiShen is a tactical strategy game for 2-6 players that plays in 30-45 minutes. You are the head of a ninja school, sending your students into the dense forests of YoiShen to prove that you are the best at passing the old knowledge along. Your students will battle, either to strengthen your army by converting opponents to your side, or capturing them for their points.

To learn more, download the rules here (PDF).

For an overview of some of the exciting features of the game, please watch the video.


     All five sets  
 The evolution of a box. No prototype is worth its salt if it has bot spent some time in a Random White Box.  The board underwent growth as well! From the thankfully unphotographed and eye jarring yellow and blue, to the bamboo trim we all know and love.  The dice went through many changes as well, balancing, icons, dice colors. I am glad to say, the darker dice have won out.  Our very first “official” copy of YoiShen, fresh from Print and Play Productions. I have a feeling that this thing has been to more conventions than I!
 Board version Number 2. Not bad. A little lacking.  Board version Number 3. Better. Getting there.  Josh Neff (right) playing with Eric Portney. I have a feeling Josh lost this round, Eric’s a pretty sharp fellow.  And one can’t forget our awesome banner from Vista Print. The extending banner is a bit pricey, but if you watch sales you can get it for half off. CEO for scale.