About Us

When was the last time you had fun with a game? I mean really just enjoyed the heck out of yourself? Were you with friends? I’d bet you were! I bet, you and your friends were having an absolute blast, and laughing up a storm! Am I right? That moment right there… it’s fantastic! You with friends, loved ones, a good game, and all is right with the world!

That’s what we’re about. Helping to find those great moments, while playing great games!

About the team:

Josh Neff: The CEO

It is commonly joked that Josh was born teething on a video game controller. He has had a fascination with media that has guided him through everything from creating board and card games, to writing novellas and composing numerous musical pieces. After serving his country as a soldier in the US Army, he got his first college degree through a community college in the expansive realm of Integrated Multimedia. Afterwards, he founded Graviti Entertainment and became it’s CEO. When not designing new games, Josh can be found with his head buried into music composition programs, computer code, industry blogs or the dreaded “paperwork”.

Jill Wetzel: Art Director/Webmaster/Lead Marketing/Graphic Designer/Artist

Jill Wetzel has been an artist ever since she discovered that by placing one item against another, it left a mark. As a result, she cleaned many walls in her youth. After majoring in Integrated Multimedia: Animation at Olympic College, as well as a certificate in Database Design and Development, she continued her education at the University of Washington Tacoma as an Environmental Scientist, and volunteers her time helping with salmon recovery and doodling.

Micheal Frantz: Head Designer/Content Creator/Convention Liaison

Micheal D. Frantz was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. After graduating High School, he joined the Navy to “see the world”. And see it he has. He has been a Chef, a Deck Hand, a Cab Driver, a Hotel Manager, a Construction Worker, a Delivery Driver, a Janitor, and many other things that he’s forgotten by now. But has always had the passion for designing detailed and immersive games. When he is not inventing new and detailed worlds to play in, he teaches as an Eclectic Shaman. He’s never turned anyone away with the drive to learn, and the will to think for themselves and reach their own independent conclusions. Currently, he is a Game Designer again, and a major contributor to Graviti Entertainment as its primary content creator.

Josh Myers: Head Artist

Josh has been an artist since he could put pencil to paper. Over the course of his professional career, he has been an art tutor, logo designer, tattoo designer, painter, illustrator, and concept artist. Growing up, his obsession with sci-fi, fantasy, and monsters dominated his work. Although proficient in traditional media, his main work has been in graphite and acrylic. He has worked in everything from digital and lifelike, to the abstract and cartoony. With what free time he has, he tends to fill it with gaming, comic books and movies. His work for Graviti has ranged from art to art, with a little bit of art thrown in to break things up.

Jessica Papineau: CFO/Assistant Content Creator/Admin

Jessica is an accomplished individual, she has helped run several non-profit organizations holding many different offices with responsibilities varying from secretarial work, money handling, business planning, event planning inventory and product development. Her analytical mind and creative attitude have made for a perfect storm for game development within Graviti. As an avid gamer she loves to spend time either on a console or tabletop and is always open to give any game a try.

Lee Weaver: Business Consultant

Graviti has benefited from Lee’s love of gaming and his experience of running his own gaming store.