Evolution of a board game, Part two of Three:

The board…the very field of battle. In YoiShen, it’s meant to represent a casual encounter deep in a forest surrounded by Japanese Maples and expanses of slate. It’s a gathering place for Ninja Warlords to debate, drink tea, and prove who the better strategist is.

After looking through our photos…I discovered that I never took any photos of board one. I suppose I shouldn’t be too sad..it was a glaring and hard to look at blue and yellow grid.

Board Two, onĀ  the left, was a sandy compromise, with copy and pasted bamboo clipart. A marked improvement, but not what we had envisioned.

Board Three, in the middle, was printed in a hurry at FedEx Kinkos (seriously, they know us there, get to know your friend neighborhood printer!). While a marked improvement, it didn’t quite fit onto the Trivial Pursuit board that it used to be.

Board Four, on the right, was printed at Print and Play Productions, and while not perfect, is BEAUTIFUL. The colors are vibrant, it’s holding up better than the Kinko’s Board, and is so smooth.