They grow up so fast….

YoiShen has dice…lots of dice, and I find it fascinating on how the dice sets have evolved over and over again…


All five sets All five sets of dice. While it may not seem like it, large strides where made with each set after Set Two. Set Three added a new dice and saw some balancing, Set Four and Five where cosmetic: How can we make the dice look as awesome as playing the game felt, and keep it friendly to those who are color blind?
Set one Set One: The Original! Way too many one pip dice, and the balance was really off.
Stickers by The Game Crafter, dice blanks by some Random Reseller on Amazon.
Set two Set Two, same as Set One, but the time on nifty indented black dice from The Game Crafter.
set three Set Three saw the introduction of the Specter Die–and a way to mitigate too powerful dice combos. We also re-balanced a whole bunch, and the game started playing so much smoother.
set four Set Four: Pretty Black stickers.This set saw the introduction of icons and grey was replaced with red. Each color had its own element. Dice and stickers are from Print and Play Productions, but while the game will have the same dice balance from Set Three and on, the icons and colors were really hard to see.

set five Set Five: The Most Recent! Colored backgrounds look better, and larger icons are easier to see. I am not sure if the red one has enough contrast to make it color-blind friendly. Dice and stickers from Print and Play Productions.

Why did we change from The Game Crafters to Print and Play? The dice and stickers are comparable in quality, customer service is top-notch for both companies. Price is a little more with PnP, but they are faster as well.