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The Hoard has AC…

And many games to playtest! Join us and other local developers at the Dragon’s Hoard in Silverdale from 12-6 as we playtest our games. We plan on bringing YoiShen and Work Days, and maybe a few more.

Gearing up for another event

This will be our first year at the Evergreen Tabletop Expo! We will be demoing Work Days from 4-6. Come visit us for a new, super secret widget for the game (and incidentally, a preview for a Kickstarter Stretch Goal).

After that, from 6-8, we will be playtesting YoiShen. You are a ninja commander, sending your units out into the dark forests of Japan, using all of your strategic wit to convert units to your cause, or capture them for points!

Gamestorm was AWESOME

We were so busy meeting very Important People (re: folks we can learn from, so…pretty much everyone at the con), demoing and going to panels that it took us until day three to play some games! What an amazing whirlwind, with great information and learning experiences and…wow…so much to do for the upcoming Kickstarter.

Gearing up for Emerald City Comic Con

Whoo…busy few weeks ahead of us! And it all starts with ECCC where we will be demoing Work Days on Friday with the Indie Game Developer Showcase and Saturday with Playtest Northwest which will also be playtesting our new strategy board game, YoiShen on Saturday. Whew! And add to that our super not-so-secret Kickstarter Project is getting closer to completion!



OrcaCon 2017

OrcaCon 2017 was a blast! We demoed and demoed and demoed Work Days to rave reviews each time! We also playtested Mazing, Fairy Rade, and Cat Girl Death match with their designers. As much as we love playtesting and demoing our own games, playing other company’s games was a blast. I highly recommend Mazing for a relaxing hour of wall-building, Fairy Rade is a beautiful take on a trick-taking card game, and Cat Girl Death Match was fast and fun.

In the works is the art redesign of Pass the Tentacle, and the new strategy game of YoiShen. How powerful are your ninja armies? Do you have what it takes to convert the other side to your cause, or the strength to capture their units?

Work Days demo at Emerald City Comicon

Plans are being made, ferry schedules are being looked at, snackies are being planned, for….wait for it….waaaaaaiiiit for it….


We will be demoing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 1-5 in Ballroom D Level two of the Sheratan Seattle Hotel. Tell all your friends!


Work Days is a fun, fast filler game where the object is to work as few hours as possible! Assign tasks to co-workers, skip out on assigned duties, hide from the boss, and drink lots and lots of coffee! There is a print and play version of the game available on our Card Games page, and we always appreciate your feedback!

The First Ever OrcaCon was AMAZING!

We playtested and playtested and playtested (with still more playtesting to do) Work Days! We received much wonderful feedback and learned so much about the industry, and Kickstarter, and so much more. Expect to see changes in the future for the exciting things we have planned for this game, and the company in general!